June 27, 2018

Offshore Communication Services

PABX/ Telephone Systems Via VSAT System

Bdoop provides a full range of PABX systems including analog PABX, IP PABX and Hybrid PABX with connecting lows bandwidths solution via VSAT System.

The analog PABX encodes analog sound into a digital format, and the digitized voice is sent to a channel using circuit switching. By combining traditional communication appliances with state-of-art technology in network design, implementation and engineering, Bdoop’s analog PABX ensures exceptional performance and ease of use for everyone in your project.

The IP PABX uses “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP) technology to transform high speed internet service into a phone line to convert voice into digitized packets and then put the digitized packets onto the data network. It can easily adapt to any department, bring long term benefits for scalability, manageability and enhanced features .

Lan/Wan Structured And Configuration

A Local Area Network (LAN) on the Rig is a group of computers and associated devices that share a common communications line or wireless link within a small on the Rig. A LAN usually connects servers, workstations, printers and mass storage devices, enabling users to share data and resources.

With WAN connection protocol that allows users in the Rig can be accessed directly internet connectivity from offshore  via VSAT systems.

From initial feasibility study and design to full implementation and support with engineers full offshore certification, Bdoop delivers best-in-class LAN/WAN solutions that ensure greater network efficiency with no limits.

It Equipment Rental Services And Implementation Services

Bdoop provision of rental IT and telecommunication equipment and services for VSAT communication between HCM office and Drilling Rig Offshore include:

  • PABX system for communication at the Rig.
  • IT Equipment for working at the Rig : Computer, Printer, Server, Network equipment, Wan optimization, Conference equipment…
  • Server Room Infrastructure and Telecommunication device …

Bdoop provides Implementation Service include: consulting services, installation & configuration service for connectivity solutions, data access, internet access, ensure data and voice communicate properly via VSAT System.

Troubleshooting and spare-part services:

Working from a user perspective, we understand the urgency to recover a faulty component in the shortest time; with our regional service centre located near you, you can rely on us to provide optimal performance and reliability from

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your system. To ensure minimum downtime and maximum system continuity.

Bdoop provision troubleshooting service with Bdoop’s Engineer available 24/7 to on-site unlimited onshore and offshore locations to resolve problem, support client and reporting to customer.

Bdoop provider spare-part service as inventory management service to ensure faulty components are always ready to be replaced for IT and Telecom equipment the spare-part service for IT replacements unlimited onshore and offshore locations to make operation continuous of the device.


  • PABX system and Telephone.
  • IT Equipment: Computer, Printer, Server, Network equipment, Wan optimization, Conference equipment…
  • Server Room Infrastructure and Telecommunication device …

Maintenance And On-Call Services:

BDOOP Maintenance and On-Call Services provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to provide preventive maintenance, incident maintenance, hardware replacement services based on a service delivery framework that adheres to a set of processes to meet SLAs required unlimited onshore and offshore locations.  

Proper maintenance and servicing of your system is important to your business to maximise your system performance and minimising any downtime. Bdoop provision maintenance service is developed to handle all services and supports.

We offer exible preventive maintenance packages to ensure the maximum system performance and reducing downtime. Scheduled maintenance services are conducted periodically and a summary of the system health status will be provided:

  • Ensure maximum availability of all equipment, Reduce the frequency and severity of outages.
  • Expertise technical support 24/7.
  • Performance enhanced.
  • Proactive and Preventive the Incidents, Hardware failure.
  • Mitigate exposure to IT risks. Minimize unplanned system downtime and the associated reputational damage.
  • Quick hardware replacement to minimize service disruption.